Our team is formed by interesting characters:
Claudia Collado, President and Owner of Conservatech International is an experienced professional in the Conservation of Marine environments. Talking about herself, Claudia says: “Maybe when we get older we start getting more concerned about the world that surrounds us”. Fitting the goal of the company, Conservatech tries to make younger people aware of the environment that surrounds them. Claudia has experience with Algae and ecological relationship with the environment.

Daniel Macadar is a young biologist who graduated from Florida International University as Claudia’s student and geared his career toward the Environmental Science and the diverse technology that can be implemented to create awareness about the environment where we live.
As an environmental scientist, he provides the analysis, data collection, and measurements to be able to create an education tool using real facts. Daniel will also assist in some of the implementation of the program that will be created by the technical team.

Using Claudia’s lengthy experience, and Daniel’s knowledge as an Environmental Scientist, Conservatech provides a modern solution for education and awareness. Daniel and Claudia try to make a difference by making young people understand that there is “something” natural that surrounds them, and it reflects the base of life. As such, we must conserve what we can of it.
It is important to point out as well that technology is everything, specially in this generation. Conservatech brings technology, internet integration, nature, and environment together to educate people using modern life strategies.