Current and Future


The current problematic shows that environmental conservation is not as widely known as agencies desire it to be. Due to increasing challenges faced during the past three years, Conservatech has found a need to take a step back and improve the strategy to attack the market. Conservatech has been in an active move to generate, analyze and produce reports and documentation for agencies, parks, and natural preserves. These reports are necessary in order to show the strong need to increase outreach efforts and public awareness across multiple age groups within the population. The reports produced include statistical data about the environment in where the target agencies are able to see visually how they will benefit from Conservatech as an outreach and awareness aid. The documentation generated provides visualization of scientific data where, using the expertise of our environmental scientist, Conservatech can show an intrinsic benefit of the effort that will be done.

As part of our origins, we continue to use the collected scientific information to provide a solution that will help to improve the awareness in a digital way. We reached the conclusion that we needed to use our in-house scientific talent to provide stronger data to our current and future clients. As part of our analytical and production efforts we have grown our team by using one data visualization expert along with a graphic designer to give our scientific reports a user-friendly view and that way  simplify the information for our future consumers.

The expected results from this change will bring Conservatech to the table a much more scientifically educated partner that is able to face any challenge that is presented. Using the knowledge and information from our environmental reporting, Conservatech has found unique and very reliable techniques to present the different establishments to audiences that have never been touched before.


Following the technological and marketing advancements, Conservatech will evolve into becoming a well educated scientific organization that has all the tools to be one-stop-shop for Internet and environmental social media awareness. Conservatech aims to help the outreach and distribution effort of environmental organizations that face a difficult time staying alive.  Conservatech will grow to demonstrate how technology, Biology, and environmental conservation can come together to “sell” a product that is not only commercial, but informational and important for the community.